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Coexistence in Jaffa’s neighbourhood Ajami WALKING TOUR

Until 2003 when the Israeli Palestinian movie “AJAMI”  was nominated for the Oscars best foreign movie this neighborhood was a place one would rather not visit. This tour is for people who are looking for some insights in Israel’s society and who wish to understand its complexity. Join our walking tour focusing on the modern history of  Jaffa, on gentrification and the Israeli and Palestinian narratives. 

 It will start at Jaffa’s old port and then take you through Ajami’s narrow and romantic streets, where a religiously mixed community of Muslims, Christians  and Jews live side by side.  Ajami,  named after Ibrahim al-Ajami, one of the companions of prophet Muhammed was found as a small Christian neighborhood. But for many years, after the foundation of the state of Israel, it was one of the most run down areas in the city. During our tour we will learn how and why this changed and how it has become one of  Tel Aviv’s  most interesting neighborhoods.