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Tel Aviv – Jaffa

Coexistence in Jaffa

During more than 3500 years, Jaffa had the opportunity to live several lives and changes identities. The city was established as a one of the main harbors of the region and became a prominent city during the 19 and 20th centuries, with a cosmopolite population. The events related to the creation of the State of Israel greatly affected its population. The city became a symbol of the Palestinian exile as well as a place for Jewish new immigrants. Today, the city happens to be a neighborhood of Tel Aviv with the challenge of a mixed population: Jewish, Muslim, and Christian, as well as the reminiscence of its past. But above all, its charm is still around.
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Alternative Tel Aviv WALKING TOUR

For visitors who are looking for a more challenging tour of Tel Aviv we invite you to an out-of-the-box visit in the vibrant Southern neighbourhoods of Tel Aviv.  Starting out with hidden gems of street art, we will continue to discover the alternative lifestyle in Florentin’s neighbourhood and be surprised by their community projects. 

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Bauhaus Tour “The White City” WALKING TOUR

From Bauhaus to Start-Up, a stroll on Rothshild Avenue:  This 2 hour guided Tel Aviv walking tour tells the unique story that started a little more than a hundred years ago.  Since 2003 Tel Aviv has earned the title UNESCO World Heritage Site for its outstanding number of  homes and buildings according to the revolutionary guidelines of modern architecture in the 30’s of last century. 

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Coexistence in Jaffa’s neighbourhood Ajami WALKING TOUR

Until 2003 when the Israeli Palestinian movie “AJAMI”  was nominated for the Oscars best foreign movie this neighborhood was a place one would rather not visit. This tour is for people who are looking for some insights in Israel’s society and who wish to understand its complexity. Join our walking tour focusing on the modern history of  Jaffa, on gentrification and the Israeli and Palestinian narratives. 

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Historical Jaffa at sunset WALKING TOUR

For more than 3000 years Jaffa has been called the gateway to Jerusalem. During this Tel Aviv walking tour you will hear the stories behind the stones of the ancient port that has been conquered again and again. Explore the small streets of the artists’ quarter, enjoy a breathtaking view of Tel Aviv, visit famous St. Peters church and find out the story behind the famous Jaffa orange.


Sarona’s people and secrets – WALKING TOUR Tel Aviv

Sarona: one more reason to visit Tel Aviv. An impressive open air museum which offers history, architecture and preservation together with great coffee shops and shopping. Join our new Tel Aviv Walking Tour in Sarona and discover its stories, people and secrets. A colony, original founded by the German Templars in the 19th century, later served as the place where the major political and strategically decisions of the young state of Israel were made.

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