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Dead Sea Boat trip

The most extraordinary way to discover the beauty and challenges of the lowest point on earth. Join Jacky for a two hour boat trip along the shore of the Dead Sea. He will fascinate you with his explanations. The trip also includes a floating experience

Coexistence in Jaffa

During more than 3500 years, Jaffa had the opportunity to live several lives and changes identities. The city was established as a one of the main harbors of the region and became a prominent city during the 19 and 20th centuries, with a cosmopolite population. The events related to the creation of the State of Israel greatly affected its population. The city became a symbol of the Palestinian exile as well as a place for Jewish new immigrants. Today, the city happens to be a neighborhood of Tel Aviv with the challenge of a mixed population: Jewish, Muslim, and Christian, as well as the reminiscence of its past. But above all, its charm is still around.
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In the footsteps of the Dead Sea scrolls – a never ending story DAY TRIP

! בעברית עכשיו גם

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947 turned out to be one of the most important discoveries of the 20th century for mankind. These 25,000 fragments which have survived  2000 years in the caves of the desert, started a race between beduins and archeologists, Israel and Jordan,  rabbis, monks and priests, Judaism and Christianity. Although more than 70 years have past, this jigsaw puzzle is not yet resolved. 

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A day in Jerusalem DAY TRIP

One day in Jerusalem is a unique chance to get to know all the highlights of the old city of Jerusalem. We will visit the Western wall, the Stations of the Cross leading to the Holy Sepulcher and the Room of the last supper. Jewish, Christian and Muslim Heritage are all part of it.

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Israeli border settlements in the Negev DAY TRIP

This  day trip will give visitors the unique chance to get some insight to the life of Israelis living close to the border at the Gaza strip. We will visit agricultural settlements and get an understanding how the desert is blooming. Today this area, due to the know how and modern technology, is one of the main agricultural areas in Israel.  

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A geopolitical journey in Israel’s capital WALKING TOUR

Jerusalem is not only known as the holy city but it is one of the major issues of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. This tour will take us to spots which will provide us with an insight to the origins and complexity of this never ending conflict. In the early 20’s of the last century a number of events took place which significantly influences the future in the region.

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Alternative Tel Aviv WALKING TOUR

For visitors who are looking for a more challenging tour of Tel Aviv we invite you to an out-of-the-box visit in the vibrant Southern neighbourhoods of Tel Aviv.  Starting out with hidden gems of street art, we will continue to discover the alternative lifestyle in Florentin’s neighbourhood and be surprised by their community projects. 

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