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    Zaatar offers personalized guided tours in Israel. According to your interests and preferences we will plan and organize together your unforgettable tour.


    Choose from our list of exciting activities or creative workshops in order to personalize your itinerary whether you plan a day trip or a travel package to Israel. Read more


    Israel as a multicultural society enables you to meet people from different backgrounds, be guest in their homes and hear their stories. Read more


The fact that Jaffa port has been the entrance to the ‘Holy Land’ for centuries has strongly influenced its human diversity and history. Today it is the home of Israeli Jewish, Christian and Muslim women. Jaffa has become a place where women initiatives offer social and culinary encounters which are the basis for lasting coexistence.
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The White City Tour – WALKING TOUR Tel Aviv

From Bauhaus to Start-Up, a stroll on Rothshild Avenue:  This 2 hour guided Tel Aviv walking tour tells the unique story that started a little more than a hundred years ago.  Since 2003 Tel Aviv has earned the title UNESCO World Heritage Site for its interesting Bauhaus Style buildings build on golden sand dunes as far as the eye could see. On hands and knees began the construction of a small garden neighborhood which was to become Tel Aviv.
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Sarona’s people and secrets – WALKING TOUR Tel Aviv

Sarona: one more reason to visit Tel Aviv. An impressive open air museum which offers history, architecture and preservation together with great coffee shops and shopping. Join our new Tel Aviv Walking Tour in Sarona and discover its stories, people and secrets. A colony, original founded by the German Templars in the 19th century, later served as the place where the major political and strategically decisions of the young state of Israel were made. Read more

Pub Crawl – TEL AVIV

Join an authentic pub crawl during which you will visit some of Tel Aviv’s most hidden, underground, “hard to get to” and popular places. This is an unforgettable, local experience and a chance to meet Israelis and people from all over the world. During the tour you will visit night clubs and bars located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s night life.

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One City, Three religions – WALKING TOUR Jerusalem Old City

Feeling the contrasts and magic – a full day Jerusalem tour that words cannot depict: it’s more than an insight into religious sites; it’s a cultural and sociological journey. You will be introduced to an amalgamation of different realities that brew into one only a meter apart from one another. Come and visit the holy places, hear about the religious and historical background, and walk with us…
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MASADA & DEAD SEA “Wandering in the Judean Desert”

Amazing views and feelings around Masada and the Dead Sea Just after passing Jerusalem, you will enter the Judean desert and descend to the lowest place on Earth, the Dead Sea, which is at 400 meters below sea level. Believe it or not, this arid region was once a prominent area for exclusive cultivates and commercial activities. The spiritual and historic heritage, however, is what is most fascinating.

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JUDEAN DESERT & DEAD SEA “Caves, monasteries and outlooks”

Shortly after leaving the holy city Jerusalem behind, we begin descending to the lowest point on earth. Within minutes the landscape changes to yellowish, sandy and rocky. We will start our day with a surprising visit at the historical baptism site at the Jordan river. Our tour will also include a visit in one of the ancient monasteries which where built by early Christian communities fleeing the holy city of Jerusalem.

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Jerusalem’s story of the Armenian people – WALKING TOUR Jerusalem Old city


The old city of Jerusalem is not only home to the three monotheistic religions but it is home to a large variety of Christian communities. One of the oldest and significant communities is the Armenanain community. The Armenians have lived within the walls of the city of Jerusalem for more than 1500 years.

Join this unique Jerusalem Walking tour taking you to the mediaval Armenian church, walking in the footsteps of the Armenian people in the Holy Sepulchre and get to know Armenians who live today in Jerusalem. During our tour we will watch students of the Armenian Patriarchate Seminar join their daily mess, discover the art of Armenian ceramics and enjoy delicious bites of the Armenian kitchen.

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